Simon Paul Sutton

Simon is a transformational facilitator, trickster, actor, author, and sexological bodyworker/sex educator passionate about the power of transparent communication, sexual liberation and the shift that occurs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take radical responsibility for our lives and choose to sovereignly embody eros. 
 I am love; and that doesn’t always cut it for a bio; so I describe myself as a sacred clown ambassador / alchemist of love, passionate about all beings awakening as LOVE. I’m inspired and motivated by the human potential and what is possible when we realise who we truly are beyond the false sense of ‘I’ – As we realise this potential, take radical responsibility, love ourselves fiercely and claim our sovereign power, a shift occurs mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We become the leaders of the new world's rising. Heightened awareness brings us back to wholeness, and playfulness is the outcome. Play is the way. Dedicated to sharing love through a medley of books, The Be Love Tribe online community, on and offline training, retreats, festivals, podcasts and guidance/mentoring.