Marianne van Katwijk

Hi! My name is Marianne, I am a Psychologist(-NIP), Sexologist, and Hypnotherapist. I specialize in helping women & men break free of insecurity, stress and anxiety around sex in their long term relationship and activate their radiant playful sensual selves so that sexual intimacy with their partner is a warm bath of pleasure. Sexuality has always been an interesting subject to me. I see it as the life force energy that runs through everything in nature. The energy of the creatrix herself. Early in life I decided I was here on this planet to help humanity and make Earth a better place, and sexuality was part of that. It is such a bliss to be guiding people on a daily basis in creating deep, loving, and joyful intimacy in their relationships. With a Master's degree in Psychology and a certification that got me specialized as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and being the very first Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist in The Netherlands, I am among the top 1% of holistic, somatic and integrated sexuality therapists in the world. With my degrees, my knowledge, and lived expertise, I can truly say I am one of the best specialists out there to help women as well as men break free from the negative programming about sex, intimacy and sexuality.