Manuele Paradiso

Manuele Paradiso is a coach and facilitator on Men's Work and Conscious Intimacy. He offers his experience and support to people as a facilitator, blogger, speaker, mentor and practitioner of transformational bodywork. In the last years he frequented spiritual communities in India and Thailand, participating and getting involved in different groups, workshops and retreats. In his journey he aimed to the integration between intellect, spiritual call and sexuality, three aspects that before had been always in conflict within him. His attention goes in particular to men (but women also) who wants more awareness about their cultural conditioning and support in the development of a deeper and more conscious relationship with their partner and themselves. The topic of conscious intimacy is what he mainly focus on. Since few years he runs an online course for men (The Attractive Hero). He also offers 1:1 coaching programs for men and couples. He created and facilitated workshops and retreats on conscious intimacy in Sweden, Italy and Cyprus.