Karina Kalilah

Karina found deep healing in Breathwork, Sound Healing & Movement practices like Yoga after years of depression, anxiety and after losing most her hearing in both ears. These modalities drew her into the felt experience of life, to the way she could feel rather than make rational sense of certain experiences and through this, she began to explore her thoughts & beliefs to develop an ever evolving sense of self. The exploration into these modalities landed her in a deep sense of passion to share this work with others to assist them in finding themselves, through their own sensual experience of life; to essentially discover how it feels to really be you; AND to love it all. She teaches through breathwork, philosophy, psychology, and sound; and allows the lightness, love and supportive nature of her personality to come through in every class. She says: “When you remember that at your very core, you are love, then the healing can take place from the inside out. Like a light that bursts the layers of the self open wide, that cracks and breaks the cages we have built around ourselves for protection, the breath brings you back to love. Then you remember and embody that there is actually nothing to protect or heal because YOU ARE LOVE.” Karina is a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner, yoga teacher, sound healer, mentor, she teaches vocal activation and Sound Bowl Meditation, is a Theta Healer and conducts sessions 1-1 in Bali and online. You can read more about Karina at her website https://karinakalilah.com/ or on Instagram at @karina.kalilah