Mindful Masturbation Practice 

This follow-along practice is a simple way to start bringing more mindfulness to your experience of masturbation and self-pleasure, exploring more relaxation and full body sensations.

with Libby Sheppard

This is for you if
You want to change your masturbation habits
You want a simple guided practice to follow along with
You really enjoy masturbation and you want to keep trying new things
You feel a bit lost when it comes to touching yourself, you're overly reliant on your vibrator/porn/fantasy but you don't know what else to do
Self-pleasure is a bit boring and unsatisfying right now and you want some inspiration
Headphones or speaker to follow the instructions
Private space where you can lie down, be naked and comfortable
Minimum of 12 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself

Top-To-Toe Touch
Reflection Questions
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